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Smart Swing Intelligent Clubs are a remarkable new way to learn and play the game.

Chuck Cook with his SmartSwing System Hit the ball better.
Gain significant distance.
Become more consistent.

SmartSwing Intelligent Clubs are a remarkable new way to learn and play the game — rapidly lower your handicap and have more fun.

Are you taking the same lesson over and over? Have you been frustrated with the pace of your progress? Not having as much fun as you used to with the game? Do you not have any idea what you're doing wrong? Don't have enough time to practice? Are you inconsistent — shoot a great round one day and poorly the next day?

SmartSwing Intelligent Clubs definitively resolve these common problems and help you to:
  • Improve rapidly by following a structured regimen that focuses on swinging on plane, then building your distance, and finally, achieving consistency
  • Compare your swing to a known good swing to easily see what you're doing wrong and learn how to become consistent over time
  • Learn any time, any place - on the range, on the course, in the backyard, in your garage, in your basement, or anywhere
Read the full Golf Magazine article SmartSwing Intelligent Clubs are powered by sophisticated circuitry inserted into the shaft of virtually any golf club, allowing for the capture and recording of critical swing information in real time. After a round of play or practice session, wirelessly download swings from your club to the SmartSwing Software for detailed analysis and accelerated learning. Read more about how SmartSwing Intelligent Clubs work.

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Mar. 2-5
2006 PCS
International Symposium & Expo
Louisville, KY.
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